The Manipulator

AKA | Hyun Joon Kim

Specialty | Close-Up Sleight of Hand Manipulation

Hailing from Korea, Hyun Joon Kim is regarded as one of the most masterful sleight of hand artists in the world.  His pure and articulate performance of manipulation earned him the “Presidential Award”, “People’s Choice Award” and title of “North American Champion of Stage Magic” at the 2011 FISM North American Championship (the Golden Globes of the magic community).  He went on to secure another win in manipulation at FISM in 2012. Hyun Joon Kim also earned first place in the 2010 Blackpool Magic Convention “Stage Magic Championship” in England.


His interest in magic began at age 12 and his extreme talent was very quickly recognized in the Korean magic community after winning multiple awards at competitions.


Hyun Joon Kim has mastered the art of manipulation with extreme discipline and highly skilled technique that leave both audiences and fellow magicians alike in awe.