The Master Magician

AKA | Luis de Matos

Specialty | Grand Scale Illusions, Mentalism & Cutting Edge Video Technique

Luis is, without question, the most respected and distinguished Portuguese magician of all time. He is renowned for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in stage illusion. Luis’ combination of spectacular grand-scale illusion, mentalism and cutting-edge video techniques make him truly, one of a kind.


He has hosted and starred in over 150 highly successful and award winning TV shows including BBC’s “The Magicians”.


In addition, Luis is the winner of countless awards and accolades such as the ‘Golden Grolla’ and ‘Magician of the Decade’, an honour bestowed upon him by fellow magicians from around the world.


Luis De Matos will redefine your idea of what is real. He is the indisputable “Master Magician”.